Margarethe von Trotta directed and serves as onscreen host for this documentary about the Swedish master, interviewing other filmmakers and some of Bergman’s collaborators and reflecting on ways that Bergman inspired her. The film doesn’t provide any new information for those already familiar with Bergman’s life and work, though some of the interviewees are insightful. Olivier Assayas is particularly perceptive, commenting on how the French New Wave, with its emphasis on performances and psychology, might not have existed without Bergman’s influence. Von Trotta seems uncertain of what to do with the details of Bergman’s ugly personal life; she acknowledges that he was a bad father and controlling with women, but she takes pains not to let this information overshadow her laudatory portrait of his oeuvre. Felix Moeller and Bettina Böhler codirected. In English and subtitled French, German, Spanish, and Swedish.