American movie comedies invoke taboo subject matter so blithely now that the genre seems to have lost its ability to shock, which makes this genuinely discomforting debut feature (2013) by writer-director Drew Tobia all the more remarkable. A mentally ill, socially inept young woman in her third trimester (Eleanore Pienta in a fearless performance) goes off the rails after falling out with her mother, a recovering alcoholic who’s only slightly better adjusted. Evicted from her apartment, the daughter barges into the life of her estranged younger sister, an obnoxious lesbian art-punk mired in an unhealthy relationship with an older black woman. The tone veers unpredictably (though never sloppily) between grotesque farce, sensitive chamber drama, and psychological horror, communicating the characters’ loose grip on reality and making us confront our conflicted feelings toward people who seem beyond redemption.