Chucky, the homicidal doll who made his debut in Child’s Play (1988), returns in this rudely funny splatter comedy directed by Don Mancini, who created the character and has written all five installments. Jennifer Tilly plays herself as a spoiled sexpot who gorges on candy bars between takes of the latest Chucky movie. (“Nice tits,” the doll observes as she holds him on her lap, lamenting the state of her career.) Hoping to land a role as the Blessed Virgin, Tilly invites film director Redman over to her place for a little action, but hidden on the premises are Chucky and his mate, Tiffany, who plan to impregnate Tilly with a turkey baster. The story falls apart by the end, but not before an assortment of characters has been merrily butchered (among them John Waters as a slimy paparazzo). R, 87 min.