Lars von Trier’s Melancholia–only this time it’s a satirical romance, and a good one at that. With three weeks to go before an asteroid destroys the earth, Steve Carell gets ditched by his wife; he eventually bonds with downstairs neighbor Keira Knightley, who leads him on an urgent road trip to reconnect with her family and his high school sweetheart. Lorene Scafaria, making her feature debut as writer-director, scores numerous laughs off the social dislocation that follows as people realize the apocalypse is imminent (there’s a funny sequence at a suburban house party where no taboo goes unbroken). With no special effects and only a few modest riot scenes, she manages to conjure a persuasively alien world, mainly because she’s worked out the emotional terrain. The choice supporting cast includes Connie Britton, Rob Corddry, Melanie Lynskey, Patton Oswalt, T.J. Miller, and Martin Sheen.