Two young sisters are dispatched to the country by their busy parents for a summer with elderly relatives; at first they resent the farm chores and bland food, but they come to appreciate the old couple (veteran actors Bodil Udsen and Per Oscarsson), who refuse to give up their farm for a nursing home. Cecilia Holbek Trier, who wrote and directed this eager-to-please Danish feature (2001), lets the girls mug shamelessly, throwing small perils in their way (a pig stampede and a thunderstorm) and showing their horror at the emptiness of old age. At times this romp gets too cute, a problem exacerbated by the slapdash rock sound track, and the anticorporate message is simplistic, but directors Udsen and Oscarsson add gravitas to this sugarcoated tale of bonding between generations. In Danish with subtitles. 76 min.