Romantic comedy ought to have some romance and laughs, but this extraordinarily flat effort has neither. A cynical, wisecracking process server who really wants to be a wine maker meets his match in a rich beauty he’s supposed to serve with divorce papers. Matthew Perry, whose dry sarcasm on TV is amusing enough, is simply snide and nasty, and Elizabeth Hurley displays all the depth of her cosmetics commercials. Yet both come off as victims of a very bad script, directed without any sense of pacing. The formula screwball elements are all there—the battling couple forced to spend time together, the wacky adventures, the cartoonish antagonists. But the slapstick is poorly executed, the one-liners are creaky, and the romantic chemistry is nonexistent. There’s even a bit of gross-out humor, involving Perry stimulating a bull’s libido. Implausibility piles on unpleasantness until it all, fortunately, comes to an end. Directed by Reginald Hudlin. 100 min.