Produced by the Jim Henson Legacy, this video compilation surveys four decades of the landmark educational series, its clips both fascinating and hugely entertaining. From its debut in November 1969, Sesame Street was a marvel, combining early childhood education with instantly hummable songs, imaginative (frequently psychedelic) animation, and of course the hip vaudeville comedy of Henson’s Muppets. The program collects a good deal of the classic routines and animated segments, plus various star cameos (Lily Tomlin, Ben Stiller, Liam Neeson, James Gandolfini, Robert De Niro) and narrative milestones (a trip to Puerto Rico in 1979, the death of candy store merchant Mr. Hooper—precipitated by the death of actor Will Lee—in 1982). Pulling into the 21st century, the program wraps up with a visit from Michelle Obama and a Muppets parody of Mad Men. A delight from start to finish.