Mike Aho’s 70-minute documentary about drag queen and porn director ChiChi LaRue (nee Larry Paciotti) is intelligent, forthright, campy, and perverse enough to prove that not all gay men want to assimilate into bourgeois respectability. Aho marches into the world of gay bathhouses, sex clubs, and skin flicks with unapologetic glee, capturing his subject seemingly without pretense; those around her may puff themselves up to absurd effect (one LA stoner carries on about his international success as a runway model), but LaRue remains endearingly candid throughout, claiming no talent above a taste for kink and a willingness to dream up bad dialogue. This is by-the-numbers filmmaking, but it finds great humor in its subject (the montage of LaRue waiting for her actors to get hard is particularly killing) and records rich human characters in a world typically denounced for its dehumanization.