Polyamorous sex shaman Desert “Baba Dez” Nichols of Sedona, Arizona, appears to make a pretty good buck using his lingam to heal good-looking, thirtyish women of their sexual dysfunctions (fat women only get cuddled). But when his “sacred spa work” and other New Age erotic hijinks alienate monogamously inclined Maya, the woman he truly loves, he goes into a spiritual tailspin. Enlisting his many lovers, Nichols tries to shag Maya back into his life through a sexualized version of the philosophy in Rhonda Byrne’s self-help book The Secret (visualize good things and they will be yours). Documentarians Jonathan Schell and Eric Liebman clearly aren’t buying any of this, but instead of challenging their creepy subjects, they simply allow them to expose the rancid selfishness behind their relentless smiles, hokey rituals, and hideous, obfuscating jargon. It’s all pretty funny if you’re naturally amused by grotesque delusion.