Sex Tape

The new comedy Sex Tape plays like a series of advertisements: for the iPad, the personal-assistant app Siri,, and Jason Segel’s dietician. Segel—whose dramatic weight loss has been much noted in the press—and Cameron Diaz play a married couple, Jay and Annie, who try to reinvigorate their flagging sex life by making a home movie on Jay’s iPad in which they attempt every position in The Joy of Sex. Jay carelessly saves the video to a sharable drive, and because he regularly gives away his old iPads to friends and colleagues, they can all access the file. Most of the movie takes place over one long night as the tech-savvy couple (he’s a music producer, she’s a popular “mommy blogger”) try to hunt down the old computers before anyone else sees the video—or, God forbid, uploads it to the Internet. Given all the name-brand products invoked, their misadventure suggests a sort of nightmarish shopping spree. Continue reading >>