Cuba Gooding Jr. continues his sad descent from Oscar-winning actor (Jerry Maguire) to walking punch line with this absurd drama about a hit man who discovers his conscience after he adopts a little boy. First-time screenwriter William Lipz hurls together crime cliches, offsetting them with character relationships that are meant to be quirky and complex but register as merely incongruous: Gooding’s lover and partner in crime is a woman 20 years his senior (Helen Mirren), while the movie’s other couple consists of an amply proportioned crackhead (Mo’Nique) and a scrawny doctor (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, last seen playing a high schooler in Brick). By the time Gooding shows up for one of his assignments disguised as a call girl, even Boat Trip was looking good to me. Lee Daniels directed. R, 93 min.