During a business trip, a chic textile designer (Julie Gayet) dines with a handsome local art restorer (Michael Cohen) and, hoping to forestall a one-night stand, regales him with a tale of another man and woman, best friends who recklessly became lovers. This story within the story takes up most of this 2007 romantic comedy, and its first half is an extended tease, as a bungling math professor (writer-director Emmanuel Mouret) looks to his married pal (Virginie Ledoyen), a research scientist, to help him reignite his sex drive. The muted tones of the set and costume design in this section highlight the eggheads’ clinical approach to their first coupling; the problem is that once they do connect, their passion isn’t believable. Stefano Accorsi (The Last Kiss) elicits sympathy as Ledoyen’s blameless husband, and Gayet and Cohen generate enough heat in their section to upstage the leads. In French with subtitles. 101 min.