Sick Birds Die Easy

Nik Fackler directed this drama-documentary hybrid (2013), recording a trip he and his two burnout friends—a pill-popping, drug-dealing conspiracy theorist and a pseudo-intellectual, alcoholic trust fund brat—took to central Africa in search of the iboga root (said to induce hallucinations that connect one to the divine while also, somehow, curing addiction). Freeform almost to the point of being formless, this lacks any discernible structure, but Fackler keeps the action contained and finds resonant thematic notes amid the narrative chaos. The self-reflexive, self-critical nature of the story alleviates its inherent fatuity; the subject here isn’t dependency or drug-induced spiritualism, but the neo-imperialism of bullshit 20-somethings whose veneration of aboriginal principles is just an excuse to get ripped.