Signature Move

Local filmmaker Jennifer Reeder made a name for herself in the mid-90s playing White Trash Girl, sort of a female Kid Rock with superpowers, in a series of snarky low-budget videos; two decades later that persona has aged about as well as Stepin Fetchit’s, but Reeder has evolved, checking off as many identity boxes as possible with this tale of a Pakistani-American woman (Fawzia Mirza) falling in love with a Mexican-American woman (Sari Sanchez). As in many other gay rom-coms, the lovers must triumph against homophobia rooted in family and ethnicity, personified here by the Pakistani-American woman’s recently widowed, endlessly fussing mother (veteran Indian actress Shabana Azmi). This plays like a hipster version of a Nia Vardalos comedy, with a subplot involving lucha libre wrestling and a handful of scenes shot at the Hideout. In English and subtitled Spanish and Urdu.