Compaq Computer Corporation may be slipping into the mists of technological history, but as this documentary reminds us, it revolutionized the computer business in the early 80s with its introduction of a fully portable unit. “You cannot get to the iPhone without the original Compaq portable,” explains one talking head (though in the early 80s this “portable” unit weighed 28 pounds, with a leather strap on top). Director Jason Cohen interviews founding partners Rod Canion, Jim Harris, and Bill Murto, who quit Texas Instruments for the brave new world of home computing in 1982. The phenomenal success of their maiden product set them on a collision course with IBM’s patent litigators; Compaq survived this legal assault, but by the end of decade the market had caught up with it and an even younger upstart, Dell, had gotten the jump on it with a lower-cost portable. Cohen solicits commentary from a range of tech entrepreneurs and aficionados (including Chris Cantwell, creator of Halt and Catch Fire); their excitement is contagious, fueling a dramatic rise-and-fall business tale.