Rob Fruchtman and Rebecca Cammisa’s deeply affecting documentary portrait of Sister Helen Travis (2002) follows the 69-year-old Benedictine nun’s work as founder and director of a recovery home for drug and alcohol addicts in the South Bronx. Loud, riotously foulmouthed, and utterly committed to her calling, Sister Helen both commands and earns the respect of the 23 men in her halfway house through an uneasy mix of humor, contentiousness, and tenacity. And while there’s no denying her charm, the filmmakers are smart enough not to downplay her significant flaws. A former boozer who lost a husband and two sons to alcohol, drugs, and murder, she can display a zeal and emotional volatility that seem painfully counterproductive. This is a fittingly complex look at a remarkable woman and her equally memorable charges. 90 min.