Women’s-mag editor Anne Heche finds herself stranded on a deserted island with crusty charter pilot Harrison Ford. She’s just become engaged to someone else, and the story cuts dutifully between the smitten leads and the fiance (David Schwimmer), who’s on another island contemplating a dalliance with another woman. By convention the main characters must resist their mutual attraction for as long as possible, but this 1998 romance-adventure-comedy is only reluctantly generic—mostly it’s an overearnest examination of emotional and sexual fidelity. In one maudlin scene Ford and Heche roll around on the beach until a ray of moonlight falls on her engagement ring, making Ford realize he may want more than this woman can give him. But this moment is murky from the perspective of Heche’s character, whose nipples are generally better defined than her motives. In another scene Ford appraises her body, and when she criticizes him for this he accuses her of hypocrisy because she’s wearing a see-through top; the argument finally ends when she begs him to admit he’s attracted to her. You go girl. Written by Michael Browning and directed by Ivan Reitman.