An evocative meditation on skateboarding culture and nascent womanhood, this first narrative feature from documentary filmmaker Crystal Moselle (The Wolfpack) grew out of a 2016 short the director made for the fashion label Miu Miu. Like last year’s The Rider, it’s a scripted drama with a cast of mostly nonactors who essentially play versions of themselves, shot in a poetic verite style. Rachelle Vinberg stars as a lonely, stubborn Long Island teen who finds companionship in a Manhattan crew of female skateboarders; Ardelia Lovelace is the one who eventually shelters her, and Nina Moran plays the lesbian stoner who won’t take any guff from the guys. Cinematographer Shabier Kirchner’s lambent images capture the grunge and romance of a steamy urban summer, and Aska Matsumiya’s score is redolent of hope. With Jaden Smith as the heroine’s crush, and Elizabeth Rodriguez (Orange Is the New Black) as her mom.