Europeans dream of New York with the same passionate naivete that defines American dreams of Paris, and Fernando Colomo’s Spanish film is a sharp but warmhearted satire on the universal fantasy of rebirth through cultural transplant. As a commercial photographer, Gustavo (Antonio Resines) is the toast of Barcelona; the only way he can further his career is by conquering America, so he packs up and moves to Manhattan, undaunted by his lack of English and the fact that he has no contacts whatever within the magazine business. Colomo wryly describes his attempts to cope with his new environment, which include a cacophonic English class, a mortifying attempt to socialize by throwing a cocktail party, and a desperate crush on the one available Spanish girl in the entire city of New York. Colomo himself has absorbed a lot of American influences (his vision of New York seems largely predicated on Woody Allen movies), yet his humor has an unforced, understanding tone of its own.