Dwayne Johnson stars as an FBI agent who loses his leg in a botched hostage rescue and, fitted with an artificial limb, embarks on a second career as a security assessor for a Hong Kong skyscraper known as the Pearl. After terrorists torch one of the middle floors, the hobbling hero runs a gauntlet of flame, gunfire, and dizzying heights to rescue his wife (Neve Campbell) and their two children, who are trapped in the building above the rising fire line. Fans of Johnson’s earthquake actioner San Andreas (2015) will find the same vertiginous thrills and family-reunion quest here, though after his tender bromance with a gigantic, prank-loving gorilla in the more recent Rampage, he seems even less suited to human relationships. Rawson Marshall Thurber (Central Intelligence) directed this leaden, formulaic pyro item; with Chin Han, Noah Taylor, and Pablo Schreiber.