The weird world of slash—same-sex, erotic online fan fiction—is the focus of this delightful feature from writer-director Clay Liford (Earthling), which depicts sexual discovery through the vivid perspectives of serious young writers. A diffident high school freshman in a small Texas town (Michael Johnston) thinks he’s alone in penning homoerotic vignettes that center on his favorite character from a sci-fi franchise, until he meets another, more confident classmate (Hannah Marks) who posts similar stories on adult Internet forums and encourages him to do the same. Aside from a hackneyed early scene in which other students find and read aloud from the boy’s journal, the movie is refreshingly tender in how it deals with questions of identity, craft, and community. “I bet we’re the only kids in this entire joint who know what we know about,” the girl exclaims to her new friend, and their nerdy enthusiasm is infectious. With Michael Ian Black in a memorable cameo.