Director Andre de Toth shapes this 1949 love-quartet melodrama to his own mordant vision with images and camera movements that connect betrayals and their effects, noble gestures and their less-than-noble causes. Will Slattery (Richard Widmark) meets an old buddy now married to his former flame Aggie (Linda Darnell), and he pursues her at the expense of his drug-addicted girlfriend, Dolores (Veronica Lake). When Dolores collapses after learning of his infidelity, a spectacular camera movement changes direction in midshot, linking her ride with Slattery and Aggie as they drive nearby, oblivious to her plight. Here and in the powerful hurricane scenes, de Toth makes all the elements of a shot seem inextricably connected, as if each were part of the same surface. This parallels the drama’s traps: every character and image presses itself against the other in a bleak, deterministic web. 87 min.