Essentially a 98-minute foot chase, this 2011 thriller by Frederic Jardin reminds you how ardently (if guiltily) the French worship modern American action movies; in this case the relic of the true cross appears to be Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s madly kinetic Jason Statham vehicle Crank (2006). A seasoned cop (Tomer Sisley) and his partner pull off a spectacular masked holdup in broad daylight, stealing more than a dozen kilos of cocaine from a local mobster; unfortunately the bad guy learns the cop’s identity and kidnaps his teenage son, demanding the drugs back. The story is loaded with implausibilities, but it moves so quickly you won’t have long to dwell on them, and there are a number of neatly executed reversals as the cop tangles with not only the mobster but a pair of internal affairs investigators on his tail. In French with subtitles.