This delightful CGI animation weds Asian folklore and contemporary western culture in its story of an outcast abominable snowman, punished by his Himalayan tribe for claiming to have seen a human being, which they believe can’t exist. But the disgraced yeti (given voice by Channing Tatum) is thrilled when he finds even more living proof of Homo sapiens in the form of a short, ratings-driven TV personality (James Corden) who can’t believe his own luck that Bigfoot’s real. Although it’s not on a par with the best of Pixar-Disney, this Warner Bros. release recalls the golden age of Looney Tunes in its energy, inventiveness, and subversive humor. If the screen is at times manically overcrowded and the songs too heavily pubescent power pop, the jokes fire on all burners, and the message of enlightened tolerance couldn’t be more timely. Directed by Karey Kirkpatrick and Jason Reisig with the voices of Common, Danny DeVito, LeBron James, and Zendaya.