Steven Ascher and Jeanne Jordan earned an Oscar nomination for Troublesome Creek (1995), an account of Jordan’s family struggling to save their Iowa farm. Her mother eventually died of ALS, which led Ascher and Jordan to their new subject: Stephen Heywood, a carpenter from Newton, Massachusetts, who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease at age 29. Heywood’s father, a professor at MIT, takes on extra work to help defray medical costs; Heywood’s mother, a therapist, researches traditional Chinese palliatives; and brother Jamie quits his engineering job to create an ALS foundation that acquires millions of dollars in endowments. While all this is happening, Heywood marries and fathers a son. An inspirational story of a resilient and supportive clan, the video is also a primer in populist science, as the Heywoods take on big pharma to buy Stephen time and hope. 86 min.