Sexual themes dominate this program of Super-8 films by Boston-area avant-gardist Luther Price. Many seem like intentional provocations, bringing out homoerotic subtexts in ordinary situations and mainstream media. In Slam (1996) a scene of a man masturbating leads to footage from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, making the horseback riding seem sexual. In Yellow Goodbye (1999) two men in drag dance to a Cass Elliot song, and in the next scene the camera rotates around old buildings, which begins to seem strangely erotic. Also showing: Red Rooster (1987), Eruption-Erection (1990), These and Those (1996), Door #2—37 (1998), Ritual 629 (1999), and Price’s best-known work, Sodom (1994). 79 min.