Michael Douglas tries again to recapture the heroic irresponsibility of his college professor character in Wonder Boys (2000), and though this drama by writer-director Brian Koppelman hardly measures up to the earlier film, it comes a lot closer than King of California (2007). Douglas plays a washed-up New York car dealer who, just turned 60 and fearing the reaper, has blown off his wife (Susan Sarandon) in search of younger women and alienated his grown daughter (Jenna Fischer) with his tacky silver-fox maneuvers. When his jaded girlfriend (Mary-Louise Parker) asks him to chaperone her daughter (Imogen Poots) during her college admissions interview at his alma mater, the old party animal really gets into trouble. David Levien codirected; the fine supporting cast includes Richard Schiff, Jesse Eisenberg, and Danny DeVito.