Generally regarded as Laurel and Hardy’s best feature, this 1933 comedy expands the premise of their short Be Big into a hilarious tale of marital mistrust and duplicity. At a meeting of their fraternal order, the Sons of the Desert, Stan and Ollie swear an oath to attend the annual convention in Chicago despite the fact that they and their spouses are scheduled to vacation in the Rockies. Ollie’s wife (Mae Busch, a wonderful stock player for Roach who often played the fearsome spouse) forbids Ollie to go, poking him in the chest with a carving knife, so the boys enlist a friend to pose as a doctor, diagnose Ollie with a terrible disease, and prescribe a trip to Honolulu. After the ocean liner to Honolulu is lost at sea, the grieving wives seek diversion in a movie house and catch a newsreel of their husbands cavorting in Chicago. The men return home, the women confront them, and Stan tearfully confesses; to reward his honesty, his wife (Dorothy Christie) treats him like a prince, whereas Ollie’s wife breaks every dish in the house over his head. Continue reading>>