Sorry to Bother You

César Chávez meets Salvador Dali with this surreal proletarian comedy, the writing and directing debut of Oakland rapper Boots Riley. The broke-ass hero (Lakeith Stanfield) lands a job at a telemarketing call center and finds instant success by using a whiter-than-white phone voice, but he’s pulled leftward by coworkers organizing for better pay and rightward by employers dangling a promotion in front of him. Hanging over all this is a smooth-talking celebrity millionaire (Armie Hammer) promoting modern-day slavery in the form of lifetime employment contracts. Riley’s racial swipes are ham-fisted, but the bitter workplace comedy calls to mind no less than Mike Judge’s cult classic Office Space (1999), and the elaborate sight gags are delectable (in one sequence, the hero drops through the floor of the call center into the rooms of the people he’s phoning). With Tessa Thompson, Steven Yeun, Terry Crews, and Danny Glover.