This hurtling high-concept thriller confirms director Duncan Jones (Moon) as the great white hope of cinematic sci-fi. After blacking out in Afghanistan, a U.S. fighter pilot (Jake Gyllenhaal) awakes inside the body of another man on a Chicago commuter train, and eight minutes later, when a terrorist bomb rips the train apart, he awakes again to find himself in a sort of control pod, communicating by monitor with a crisp national security officer (Vera Farmiga). What’s happened is that the feds have recovered the brain of one of the bombing victims, which retains its last eight minutes of sense memory, and are sending the pilot back into those eight minutes again and again to track down the bomber. None of this makes any sense if you think about it, but the idea is so much fun that thinking about it may be your last impulse. With Michelle Monaghan and Jeffrey Wright.