Three teenage girls are held captive in a grimy building somewhere by a madman with 23 personalities, but at least they aren’t trapped in a theater watching this exercise in tedium from vaunted master of surprise M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs). As the shaven-headed kidnapper, James McAvoy acts up a storm, trying out a collection of funny voices and pushing every scene to the verge of silliness; Haley Lu Richardson is easier to watch as the moody, levelheaded one among the girls, though Shyamalan has given her character a tasteless backstory involving sexual molestation. Most movies like this one induce suspense with a subplot in which someone searches for the missing persons, but Shyamalan doesn’t bother with that—he’s more interested in making a clinical psycho-thriller about dissociative identity disorder, though eventually he lets his story drift off into the supernatural.