Spree is a joyride through the sinister side effects of social media. Meet Kurt (Joe Keery), also known as @KurtsWorld96, an amateur streamer looking to go viral with his newest venture, #TheLesson. As a driver for the rideshare company Spree, he outfits his car with cameras Cash Cab-style and begins recording his passengers. It seems mundane until Kurt raises the stakes with a series of slapstick murders. The movie keeps viewers tethered to Kurt’s equally cringeworthy and creepy antics by visually mimicking a livestream. What starts as a surprisingly smooth ride for a killing spree gets bumpy as Kurt encounters repeat roadblocks in the form of his father (David Arquette) and a stand-up comedian (Sasheer Zamata) who refuses to follow for follow. And while a hero emerges in the end, it’s difficult to discern whether they aimed to help humanity or just themselves in this satire-meets-slasher.