“If you have to have a friend, have a friend like Frank Stallone.” The newest documentary from Branded Studios, Stallone, Frank That Is, takes an in-depth look at the lesser-known of the Stallone brothers—Frank. From his Italian upbringings in the northeast to a tumultuous career, the documentary follows the highs and lows of one of Hollywood’s most versatile performers. The doc will charm those unfamiliar with Stallone’s career from boxing to acting. It’s refreshing to take a look at an artist whose journey is mostly punctuated by several misses and almosts. The film also has incredible access with interviews from Frank’s loved ones as well as Hollywood giants like Frankie Avalon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Billy Dee Williams. What sets the movie apart from other similar where-are-they-now documentaries is that Stallone explores the challenges of carving your own path when you’re living in the shadow of an uber-famous celebrity. What’s it like to be the brother of Michael Jackson or the sister of Beyoncé? You’ll have to watch Stallone to find out.