This 1984 film’s few and unimpressive special effects evidently qualify it as science fiction, but the genre it really belongs to is the male weepie: there hasn’t been a gooier buddy romance on the screen since Joe Buck took Ratso Rizzo to Miami. William Shatner’s blubbering Captain Kirk sacrifices everything he has—his career, his ship, his son—in his quest to reassemble his cosmically disincorporated sidekick, Mr. Spock. Though we are largely spared Leonard Nimoy’s stentorian presence as a performer, we must endure his miscalculations as a director: the dialogue scenes are often hilariously turgid; the action scenes—when Nimoy can be bothered to descend from his podium and film them—are zanily maladroit. With DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, Robin Curtis, and Christopher Lloyd. PG, 105 min.