How does one grieve in the apocalypse? It’s a question that festers in A.T. White’s directorial debut like a ticking time bomb. Inspired by White’s own experience with loss, Starfish follows Aubrey (Virginia Gardner) as she attempts to come to terms with the passing of her best friend, Grace (Christina Masterson), while the world turns over. It’s a largely solitary story of survival: Aubrey shouts into the void through a walkie-talkie, eats canned food, and fights off captivating monsters. Using cassette tapes Grace left behind, Aubrey begins to piece together the puzzle of the world’s end, resulting in a quest to both revert the apocalypse and to cope with her own trauma. White’s score is by far the standout of the film with musical themes that pivot from stirring and intense to kaleidoscopic and futuristic with ease—a worthy playlist for the remaining inhabitants of Earth.