Sound recordist Chris Hegedus and cinematographer Jehane Noujaim, the director-editors of this intimate study, keep a low profile as Kaleil Isaza Tuzman and Tom Herman launch a red-tape-cutting Web site offering, among other things, the opportunity to “pay parking tickets in your underwear.” The early departure of a third founder chillingly foreshadows problems between Isaza Tuzman and Herman, both of whom insist that their friendship–they met in high school–is more important than the millions at stake. As the filmmakers follow the two in and out of cars, planes, bedrooms, bathrooms, gyms, and conference rooms across the country, they find deep and textured drama–even in one side of a cell-phone conversation. 103 min. Music Box, Friday through Thursday, May 25 through 31.

–Lisa Alspector