A strong supporting cast carried me over the finishing line of this scattered, Salinger-esque drama. During a drunken joyride an insecure prep school student (Jonathan Tucker) hits and paralyzes the school’s headmaster (Ed Begley Jr.); to avoid prison he agrees to enlist in the Marines, where he’s chewed up and spat back out by a hardened drill instructor (Val Kilmer). Back home on leave, he falls for an ex-movie star (Rachel Leigh Cook) struggling with recently diagnosed schizophrenia. This has its moments—most of them thanks to Kilmer and Joe Mantegna as the boy’s abusive father—but the troubled romance is unconvincing and the big-name actors hang on the story like ornaments on a spindly tree. Reverge Anselmo directed his own script; with Agnes Bruckner and Carrie Fisher. R, 96 min.