A variation on the classic boy-and-his-dog (or a girl-and-her-horse) stories, this Australian family drama centers on a kid and his pelicans. In a framing device with a strong environmentalist theme, Geoffrey Rush plays a retired businessman whose clashes with his workaholic son over a wildlife sanctuary send the old-timer flashing back to childhood. As a youth (Finn Little) he lived in an isolated shack with his widowed fisherman father (Jai Courtney); their nearest neighbor was an Aboriginal beachcomber wise in the ways of nature (Trevor Jamieson). After three pelican chicks are orphaned, the boy adopts them, and much cuteness ensues as they waddle and cavort toward maturity. Director Shawn Seet is not quite up to the more complex challenges of Justin Monjo’s script (the second film adaptation of Colin Thiele’s children’s book), such as the father’s improbable rescue from drowning, and scenes where Rush revisits his younger self, inhabiting the screen at the same time as Little, but the movie is still a serviceable entertainment for wee ones.