Dialogue driven and slightly stylized, Straight Up offers a thoughtful look at the contemporary complexities of love in a way many recent rom-coms have tried but failed to do. This success is the obvious result of writer-director James Sweeney’s clear vision and fantastical yet authentic characters. Enter Todd (also Sweeney), an obsessive-compulsive gay twentysomething, and Rory (Katie Findlay), a whip-smart struggling actress. Both hyperarticulate and in search of more, they make a great pair on paper, but their relationship, while intellectually stimulating, is lacking one major component. Or is it? Straight Up invites viewers to question the elastic definitions of love and sexuality as the leads navigate “a love story without the thrill of copulation.” Can a relationship survive without sex? What if it’s a relationship with your soulmate? The movie doesn’t force-feed answers, a refreshing choice which solidifies Straight Up as a relevant and resonant rom-com.