Joi Starr plays Kalani, a young woman from the Harlem projects who has earned a spot in a tony white private prep school. But the disdain she faces there exacerbates all her stresses at home, where her working single mom unfairly holds her responsible for her sister and brother, who are close to Kalani’s age but have much less sense and self-discipline. Their reckless actions lead to one tragedy after another, and the only thing keeping Kalani from a nervous breakdown is her school counselor (Danny Glover), who wisely advises her to put herself and her dream of attending Yale first. The screenplay by Sha-Risse Smith and Piper Dellums at times hovers on melodrama, but Starr keeps the film on target with her performance; she’s fierce as a tigress, and just as mesmerizing. Robert Rippberger directed.