The eponymous mouse of the E.B. White classic returns in this mildly amusing children’s film (2002) mixing live-action people with computer-animated creatures. Sheltered by the Little family—father Hugh Laurie, mother Geena Davis, and brother Jonathan Lipnicki—the blissfully normal Stuart (voice-over by Michael J. Fox) befriends a waiflike bird (Melanie Griffith) who turns out to be a jewel thief controlled by a big bad falcon (James Woods). Other than its quaint eccentricities—the Littles are an Ozzie and Harriet family oblivious to modern-day Manhattan—the film is fairly formulaic, though some of its puns and wisecracks are hilarious, especially those delivered by the Littles’ lazy and cynical Persian cat (Nathan Lane). Rob Minkoff directed a script by Bruce Joel Rubin (Ghost). PG, 78 min.