If you think a documentary about taxidermy sounds about as engrossing as watching paint dry, it’s because you haven’t seen Stuffed. Taxidermy is often thought of as gross, creepy, or cruel to animals, but Erin Derham’s film turns the stereotypes and misconceptions of the industry on its head to reveal a lively subculture of practitioners filled with passions for art, science, and nature. Through interviews with taxidermists across the U.S. and Europe, Stuffed shares the unique history of the craft, its role in conservation and education, and the ingenuity, creativity, and ethics (for example, only working on animals who have passed away of natural causes while in captivity) of those who practice it. Still not convinced? Just try hearing the story of the care that went into preserving Lonesome George, the world’s last Pinta Island tortoise, so that future generations could learn from his species, and not appreciating the people who made it happen.