This thought-provoking moral drama opens with a terrifying car crash, then shows how the heroine (Susanne Wolff), a level-headed doctor, assuredly leads a team of EMTs to treat a man injured in the accident. The scene—which director Wolfgang Fischer presents in a cool, objective style that seems to offer up each image as though it were a piece of evidence—introduces the theme of acting in life-and-death situations and prepares viewers for the complicated scenario that follows. Picking up with the doctor some time later, the story finds her sailing on a small yacht off the northern coast of Africa; she encounters a boat full of refugees that’s sinking into the ocean. The doctor, acting on instinct, tries to help the passengers, even after the coast guard officer communicating with her via radio tells her not to get involved. Fischer doesn’t suggest whether the doctor is right or wrong, but rather leaves it up to the audience to decide for themselves. In English and subtitled German.