Billed as the first Polish western, this 2006 debut feature by visual artist Piotr Uklanski aspires to the blood, grit, and opaque storytelling of Sergio Leone (though the opening credits offer a tip of the hat to Fritz Lang’s Rancho Notorious). The sluggish plot involves a love triangle between a drunken sheriff (Boguslaw Linda), an aging barmaid (Katarzyna Figura), and a mysterious drifter (Karel Roden) who rides into town with the corpse of a wanted outlaw (waggishly cast Val Kilmer, who stares glassy-eyed while flies patrol his face). This is supposed to be an allegory for eastern Europe, but that part eluded me; what registers on-screen is a collection of spaghetti cliches (blood-spitting punch-outs, guffawing henchmen) offset by gimmicky compositions. In English. 93 min.