Love. Love. Love.

The most successful shorts on this program are those in a comic register. Sandhya Daisy Sundaram’s Russian documentary Love. Love. Love. combines, to ironic effect, images of workaday drudgery in Siberia with recordings of people talking about romance. Brett Weiner’s Verbatim turns a transcript of an Ohio Supreme Court case into something like a vaudeville routine, as a state prosecutor becomes increasingly exasperated with a witness who claims not to know what a photocopier is. The closing short, Benjamin Berman’s I’m a Mitzvah, is by far the funniest, following a hapless American in Mexico as he scrambles to make funeral arrangements for a travel companion who has died unexpectedly. Except for Genevieve Dulude-Decelles’s The Cut, a subtle French-Canadian drama about a divorced man visiting his young daughter, the dramatic selections are overstated and gimmicky. In English and subtitled French, Hebrew, and Russian.