Culled from the Sundance Film Festival, these nine shorts are eccentric, engaging, and mercifully free of commercial calculation. For every responsible, Robert Redford-schmoozing drama (Eric Lynne’s Rob and Valentyna in Scotland, about a young American romantically attracted to his Ukrainian cousin; Jennifer Malmqvist’s Birthday, about a lesbian couple spatting over artificial insemination) there are two wonderfully weird comedies (Anthony Lucas’s My Rabit Hoppy, in which a space virus turns the title bunny into a giant monster; Pablo Larcuen’s Mi Amigo Invisible, whose dorky young hero is befriended by a bare-chested man wearing a cape and a frog mask). Cult animator Don Herzfeldt contributes a brief cartoon called Wisdom Teeth, though its gory slapstick represents a serious step backward from his searching, melancholy epics Everything Will Be OK (2006) and I Am So Proud of You (2008).