The beautifully acted story of an impromptu, one-day romance between an unlikely middle-aged couple: a former IBM accountant (David Suchet) living at a Queens homeless shelter for men and a struggling English actress (Lisa Harrow) who mistakes him for a famous film director who once auditioned her. Writer-director Jonathan Nossiter’s tender feature, winner of the grand jury prize at Sundance, is full of ambiguities about the difference between reality and imagination, but at its center is a powerful undertow of shared experience that balances the metaphysical pretensions. The characters may lie compulsively to themselves and others, but they do so with a kind of mutual complicity that has the ring of honest emotion. A sweetly textured art film that grows in meaning after you’ve seen it, it confounds some of the usual demarcations we make about fantasy, reality, and at times even conventional continuity, on the level of sound as well as image, but the bedrock of feeling carries it throughout. Inspired by a short story by James Lasdun, who collaborated with Nossiter on the script; with Jared Harris and Larry Pine.