Who are you? What are you doing here? These questions echo throughout Hungarian writer-director László Nemes’s 2018 sophomore film, underscoring its aura of anxiety and tilting disorientation in the face of a murky unknown future. Set in Budapest on the brink of World War I, this drama follows a woman (Juli Jakab, in her debut) who returns to the high-end hat shop her parents once owned in search of work, only to learn of the existence of a long-lost brother. She sets off to look for him in shadowy alleys, gothically lit soirees, and dim men’s-only clubs. The pursuit is more interesting than her day job at the hat shop, which turns out to be a luminous gilded cage. Nemes doles tension out lavishly but skimps on the payoff, making Jakab’s clear-eyed heroine purposeless and ultimately muddling what seemed to be a compelling mystery at the outset. Instead, this feels like an abstract ode to the frantic, listless, tightly wound thing a city becomes on the eve of its demise. In Hungarian, with subtitles.