Josh Ferrazzano’s 1999 video has a fairly minimal plot: Gilgamesh Jones (apparently a conflation of the Mesopotamian and Spielbergian heroes) is a modern-day seeker who escapes from a chain gang and becomes obsessed with Starlett, a singer he sees on TV. As he journeys to New York in search of her, he encounters zombies and a government attack against the “reanimation of the recently deceased.” The story unfolds with minimal dialogue, an oceanic maze of music and sounds by M’lumbo, and even more dense layers of imagery: rapid editing, superimpositions, split screen, and fast motion. Jets flying overhead are intercut with a reanimated woman in a store window eating a human arm; Gilgamesh is an empty shell through which all the film’s sounds and images flow, a frightening example of the postmodern idea that we are all constructions of media, lacking will or soul. 70 min.