Bahman Farmanara (Fragrance of Camphor, Smell of Jasmine) wrote, directed, and stars in this ruminative Iranian drama, playing a famous novelist readjusting to normal life after spending several years in a psychiatric hospital. Not fully cured of his unspecified mental illness, the septuagenarian writer often goes wandering, and hallucinates that he’s being visited by friends who are no longer living (the film is on one level an elegy for departed Iranian artists of Farmanara’s generation); his strange behavior places considerable emotional strain on his wife, who’s secretly wanted out of the marriage for years. This is dour, yet never oppressively so. Farmanara alleviates the pervasive sense of loss with poetic imagery, gentle pacing, and sympathetic performances. Turning up in the final act, Leila Hatami delivers characteristically strong work as the daughter of the writer’s wife’s late best friend, who possesses a dark secret about him. In Farsi with subtitles.